Reasons Why You Must Replace Your Regular Soap with Esponjabon Soap

Are you looking for a gentle bathing soap that can give you complete skin benefits? Well, if you have given up on soaps in the awe of shower gels and scrubs then you must give T.Taio’s invention of Esponjabon Soap a try. This soap comes in six variations and suits all types of skin. This Mexican ingenuity is made to naturally clean your skin while at the same time securing moisture to your skin pores. 

Marking a major comeback in the world of luxurious bathing standards of bathing gels, this soap gives an all-in-one experience to its consumers. With its super-effective exfoliation properties, it is going to bring the best out of your skin that must have been dead by the ongoing pollutants around and other physiological disturbances within. Let’s give you the highlights of this soap to unravel the reasons why this should be picked up for everyday deep cleaning of your skin.

#1. It exfoliates deeper

Esponjabon Soap is made with soap-cum-sponge feature, that gives skin-friendly exfoliation. Our skin undergoes a cycle of clearing off dead skin cells and replacing them with fresh ones. In many cases, the dead skin accumulates, leaving the skin to look dull. Therefore good quality exfoliation is a must to keep this skin cycle in proper flow.  This soap peels off the dead skin cells so that your skin can outshine the radiance of the newer skin cells. The sponge doesn’t leave your skin dry which is the most common problem with other scrubbers. 

#2. Bids Farewell to  Whiteheads and Blackheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are caused due to clogging in the skin’s pores. This is either because of the dirt and pollutants that settle on the skin from the outside, the release of oil from the inside which happens for varied reasons, or in case we do not remove makeup. If you are regularly using the deep-cleaning by Esponjabon , you will see visible improvement in your whiteheads and blackheads.

#3. Lighten skin and adds radiance

People have seen effective improvement in their skin color with the use of the Mother of Pearl variant of the Esponjabon Soap series. If your skin has light pigmentation, is tanned, or has had dark spots for quite some time, a daily bath with this soap bar can help you overcome this issue. It helps you revive the natural skin texture, making it look fresh and bright.

#4. Helps from Pre-mature appearance of Wrinkles and Fine lines

By adding a great cleansing and moisturization to your skin, Esponjabon Mother of Pearl Soap helps in protecting your skin from untimely looking old. If you opt for Esponjabon Soap, Mother of Pearl then you get added nutrients and healing properties to feed your skin with.


Esponjabon Soap comes with six awesome variations, all of which are hypoallergic. These are-

Are there any side effects of Esponjabon Soap?

Esponjabon Soap comes from the authentic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the Esponjabon tree, a native species of South America. Rich in many nutrients, it effectively treats many skin conditions. Since the manufacturing of soap involves this natural ingredient along with some other skin-friendly compounds, there is no chance that it will show any side effects. But make sure that you buy a real product only. Additionally, it has been observed that this soap bar treats conditions like redness and soreness of the skin. 

How to use Esponjabon Soap?

To experience the best results, use Esponjabon Soap daily. There is no harm if you use it twice sometimes. The application is simple like any other soap and face wash. Put water on the soap, form a nice lather, and then apply this to your face with gentle circular movements. Rinse it off with water. 

Keep yourself hydrated and take a nutrient-rich diet to heal your skin faster with Esponjabon Soap. Shop now from to get the authentic soap bar within a few clicks!

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