Follow These 6 Secrets For An Even Textured Skin

Skin is a sensitive organ of the human body that mirrors the inner health and happenings of our bodies. In more than one way, our skin safeguards our inner organs from the outer hazardous conditions. Therefore, it becomes pivotal that we do not underestimate this layer that is so integral a part of us. And since glowing and even textured skin is the representation of our inner harmony, it becomes evident for us to take utmost care of our skin. Out of all, the even texture of the skin is quintessential and through this article, we will unlock six easy-to-follow skin remedies that will take your skin to its natural texture. Here you go…

Bath with Esponjabon Soap 

Esponjabon Soap enwraps all the goodness of Mexico. Formulated in 6 variants, the best one that works for overall skin rejuvenation is Esponajabon Soap, Mother of Pearl which gathers all the healing of the ocean’s compounds that has therapeutic tendencies for restoring the skin texture. The other variations that you can choose from our- Mother of Pearl Shell, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Charcoal, Cucumber-Melon, Lavender. All of these have the sponge-cum-soap formula that gives the skin the overall exfoliation and nourishment which makes your skin as beautiful and soft as a newborn baby.

Give your skin enriching nutrients

Healthy skin resides in the right food intake therefore vitamins and nutrients should be wisely given to the body. Plan your daily meals in a way that you can cover maximum Vitamins like Vitamin E, C, B, and D. Have fibers for deep cleaning. Along with this Omega 3 and a variety of minerals like zinc, copper, selenium, iron is essential. Proteins and minerals need to be fed too. So, eggs, cheese, soy, pulses along with oranges and cucumbers have to be included. Don’t forget to take calcium. It indeed takes a lot to hit all these nutrients in a single day in today’s scenario but these can be fulfilled through supplements that are available in various forms if you are too occupied with work.

Water intake should be balanced

The rule for water intake is 1 liter for 20 kilograms. A balanced water intake is the most amazing therapy for your skin. We keep on hearing this now and then but generally underestimate it. Sufficiently saturated skin is visibly super attractive and supple! Listen to your body and feed it with the cleansing it needs. If you cannot follow the above rule in the beginning then at least indulge in 8 to 12 glasses of water as that is pivotal. Also, stop drinking it 1 hour before going to bed for a good night’s sleep!

Sweat out the toxins regularly

It is very important to exercise and shed out the sweat within us. People who are in the habit of running, dancing, cycling, or any other activity that burns out the impurities of our body tend to have shinier and healthy-looking skin. So exercising in the fresh air during the first hit of daily sunshine is the best natural way to flawless skin. For those who love yoga, practicing sirsasana or headstand is the ultimate solution to evenly-looking skin. This asana boosts the blood flow towards your face and head which if held for 5-15 mins every day will add the natural rosy shine to your cheeks and lips.

End your day with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil taken in its pure, filtered form is the best healer that goes with every skin type. Give your body a daily after-bath massage and heal the spots and dryness. You can also consume it with an empty stomach.

Follow the above tips and we’re sure you are going to restore your natural skin texture within 4 to 6 months. Keeping patient and smiling  is the sixth and the most evident key to success!

Wish you all Happy and Healthy Skin 🙂

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